“7 Steps to Elevated Truth” Mentorship Program

Our 7 Level Mentorship program is a fully comprehensive tiered conservatory program that guides you from Groundwork Engineer all the way to Elevated Artisan. You will be supported by your mentor and teacher who will track your long term progress as you graduate through the levels to complete mastery of your craft alongside the progression of your career or wherever you may be on your current journey. Groundwork Engineer levels complete The Macro Method & The Chakra Approach® and are mandatory before joining the on-going classes where you work through each chakra level up to Elevated Artisan.

Watch yourself THRIVE as you devour an enriching and challenging curriculum designed to develop your craft, inspire your artistry, and bring your performance to the next level.


Our Groundwork Engineer Level Program is an intensive 16 week course designed to:

  • Release those emotional blocks holding you back from booking YOUR ROLES!

  • Become a more intuitive actor and human being because of the focus on emotional intelligence.

  • Step onto ANY set with bold confidence to DELIVER!!!

  • Help you break down a script in 5 minutes efficiently.

  • Giving the creative team exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Teach you exactly what to do when you get a script with our formulas (especially if you only have 5, 15 or 30 minutes.)

  • Give you an actual step by step process for your auditions.

  • Free your natural instincts so you can stand out with what makes you, YOU!

  • Uncover your intuitive brand to yield effective, compelling performances take after take.

  • Teach you to think like the person hiring you (the director!) so you can BOOK.

  • Teaches you how to deepen your emotional truth so you never have to fake an emotion ever again!

  • Show you how to lean so far into your brand, you’re irresistible to casting, and no one else can compare!

“A great teacher can really inspire you and help shape your future. I was lucky enough to have that. But once you’re no longer in school, that kind of goes away. At least it had for me, until I discovered About the Work Actors Studio, where I’m currently studying. I first met Murisa through a Conservatory workshop at SAG-AFTRA and was immediately drawn to her energy and passion for the craft. She communicates with actors in a way that they truly understand constantly finds ways to push our boundaries, challenge us and bring out our best work. I’m blown away by the level of talent I get to work with. These artists continue to raise the bar and inspire me and to witness each person learn and grow every week is truly a gift. It’s so refreshing to be back in a community of creative people and have a mentor that sees something in me and continues to motivate and inspire me.”
— Kariann D.