Want in on our SECRET weapon to get you out of your head?

What if you could play your body like an instrument? What if you could master that instrument and perform at the expert level? Musicians and singers do scales to warmup. What do actors do?
Using the chakras (or the body’s natural energy centers) to tap into what is already inherent in our body as human beings is a way to physically, vocally and intentionally warm up the actor’s instrument: the body.
Once an actor understands how to emote from each chakra, they can then begin the layering process which demands you to have not only have control, but specificity over your emotional capacity, leading to Oscar worthy moments.


  • The Chakra Approach® was founded by Murisa Harba in 2012 as a way to link the mind, the physical body (stance and gesture) and the voice (breath, cadence, tone) through intention and text.
  • Not only does it clear out any blocked emotions in the body that could be holding you back from your potential, but is also a way to build a character with nuance and a performance with staying power.
  • By combining the subconscious mind with the conscious mind, you are able to create and fully embody the human experience specific to whichever character you are working on.
  • You will explore not only the vocal relationship with the chakras but the physical relationship. Then you will be able to float an intention on top in a way that we knew how to for as long as we have been in existence. What do we yield from this? Rich, connected results that happen organically. Done deal.

Artistic Director Murisa Harba is a Backstage Expert. Click here to read her latest article on Chakra acting techniques.

“Pretty much any “annoyance” an actor has with auditioning, performing or the business in general is addressed and worked on in her class. Cold Reading, camera technique, ease of emotional access (through chakra work), how to break down a scene, and even how to “look better” on screen is addressed specifically for each actor’s personal makeup.”
— Matt V.

“The Chakra Approach really helped me in acting, but in life in general. Understanding what’s going on where in the body helps me open up places I didn’t even know were closed.” – Laura F.

“Murisa’s unique and innovative approach to character growth and development is stellar. She has an awesome way of giving you the motivation and the confidence to explore all depths of creativity through extensive use of Chakra work.” — Erica P.